Love Letters (Checkered Cake)

cake! 013
People say it gets easier with time and I try and trust them but I’m not sure it’s true. One of my best friends passed away this last semester. It was out of the blue. I didn’t react like people thought I would or should I guess. Everyone around me waited for me to crumble. At the funereal I had my amazing roommates there and my buddies who I never thought would grow up. It took the death of our best friend for them to step up. I had people holding me up at the burial where I finally broke down. Tay was the guy version of me. It was eerie how weirdly alike we were and our relationship was something I can only hope to have once again in life. I was so incredibly proud of the obstacles he had made it through. He had helped me through one of my hardest time periods and kept it real with me. He liked to say “Don’t be a peewee” if I didn’t feel up for coming out with the guys, which was just one of the many made up words Tay used.
cake! 010
Today I cleaned out my childhood room for good today. I got rid of anything that is not necessary. I think having to get rid of so many sentimental items just brought back so many memories. I am moving out of state for a job and will be on my own from that point forward. I know I have technically been an adult since I was 18 but it really starts now and that is scary. Looking through everything has made me realize all the great people I have had in my life that has helped to push me in the right direction. In the last few months I have started writing “Love Letters” to people who have inspired me or helped me in any way. I think it’s important to let people know the positive impact they have had on my life since I did not get the opportunity to do it with Tay.
This cake was a battle. It took a lot of time to put together and after these pictures were taken it fell one big clump after another. It was a learning process for sure. It was delicious but I do not think I will be attempting it again for awhile.


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