What I’ve learned so far.

yurttrip 212
The last few months have been the most whirlwind months of my life. I hit my highest and lowest points. I have pushed my self past limits that I held myself within all my life. It’s amazing to see what I have accomplished. The last 6 months I worked for an awesome non-profit writing their weekly blog and other forms of social media. It taught me a lot. I also took a full load of classes. That also taught me a lot. I also was in a long distance relationship. That taught me the most about myself. I learned that I’m very smart and a great student something I never really thought I possessed. I learned that I’m a beautiful person inside and out. I learned to have confidence in myself and to put myself out there. I learned how to say goodbye to someone very dear to me. I learned how to forgive even if a reason wasn’t given to. I learned that I’m human and that I’m allowed to have breakdowns, but just don’t unpack there. I learned how awesome my family and framily is. I learned how to enjoy the little things. To say the least these past few months have been molding me in the best ways possible. I am finally becoming exactly who I want to be. I have gained a drive in me to do better, and work harder unlike anything I have ever experienced. I’m more thirsty for life then I ever thought I would be. For the first time ever I’m really appreciating those little things in between the big things, because those little things are what make life great. So this post will be the only post with no recipe in it. I haven’t had much time to bake with 21 units and trying to really experience life but I promise I will post something soon. In the meantime you should really try my famous corn pop brownies….just saying.


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