Butter an Eggs

Butter and eggs are the most common ingredients while baking, but that isn’t why I named my new blog that. I had grown out of the name Baking Monster awhile ago; I stopped baking crazy amounts of desserts and just didn’t feel the name fit anymore. I didn’t simply want to change the name of my blog but I also wanted to add something to it. I wanted the blog to be more about my life and not just about the baked goods. I have many family members and friends all over the world reading this, and I felt like I brushed past my life and focused completely on the food and to an extent that’s fine but for me I needed a change. I had two wonderful years on Baking Monster but I am fully ready to make the jump into a new direction. I will still of course post recipes once a week but will now also post a story or snippet from life with some pictures also.  
The reason I chose the name “Butter an Eggs” is because I grew up (and still live in) a town that was once known as the Chicken Capital of the world. Every year we have a Butter an Eggs day parade. Theres the cutest chick contest, where parents dress their children in itchy and uncomfortable chicken costumes. Theres the cow chip throwing contest and then the parade. 20,000 people come out each year, the whole downtown is full of beer gardens, jump houses and kettle corn booths. The history of my town and the parade itself has greatly impacted me. I thought if I’m starting a new blog that’s not just about food but life to why not name it after something that has so greatly impacted me as a person. I’m excited for this new transition, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


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