>Dessert Table How-To

Over last weekend I did my first full blown event. Not just a cake but was fully in charge of everything that went on. It was stressful and demanding but it was so fun! To look at the smiling faces as people munch on my food and the compliments on the event felt awesome. I’m sure you have seen dessert tables popping up all over the place. Well I’m going to tell you how I did my first dessert table, and man is it easy.

First you gonna want to decide whats going to be on your dessert table. Then you figure out how to display these tasty treats. I have stocked on many different cake stands and serving platters during the last year so I had that covered for the baked goods but I then needed to find something to hold the candies. I found at target the above canisters between prices of $5-$8. It doesn’t have to have a lid it can be any kind of vase, I just liked the lids because it kept the food fresh.

Then you need to choose a theme, or colors. I chose rainbow, which went with the theme of the party. It’s really fun when you go for a certain color and only get candies in that color. The ribbon I found at a craft store for about $2. Then get some cute stationary paper that goes with your theme. Then I went on the computer and typed out what was going to be in each jar and printed it.

Cut out the words in a certain shape and cut out that same shape from the stationary slightly bigger then the printed word. Glue the word on the stationary using a hot glue gun. Then measure out the ribbon to fully fit around the jar. Glue the ribbon around the jar(don’t worry glue will easily peel off for later use of the jar) and then glue the wording on the front of the jar on the ribbon.

Make sure to give your table some bounce by adding different levels. Put square cake pans where you like under your chosen table cloth and then put treats on however you would like, so there are levels.

Fill jars with candies, and place baked goods one various sized platters. That’s how to make a basic dessert table but the possibilities are endless. Have Fun!


2 thoughts on “>Dessert Table How-To

  1. >Wow! This looks so cool! =) I've always wanted to create a dessert table, only I've never had an occasion to make one for =(I love the jars with the name tags!!

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