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>Berry Parfaits

I’m Leaving this Thursday for New York! I won’t be back until the end of August. My mum is going to continue to update the blog each week. I most likely won’t be on the Internet all that much so don’t take it personally if I’m not reading or commenting on you blog, It’s just something that won’t be possible for the next few months. But there are plenty of tasty treats that will be posted on here weekly. Have a terrific Summer! These are terrific little cups of deliciousness to have out for 4Th of July. Just pound cake, fresh cream, and berries set up like a parfait.
Fresh cream:
1 1/2 C cream
1/2 C sugar
Whip together until stiff peaks form.
For cake use this poundcake recipe and instead of putting it in a bundt pan just put it in a 13 x 9 inch pan and when cooled cut into cubes. Then use whatever kind of Berry’s you would like. It makes about 2 dozen cups. Layer however you like.


2 thoughts on “>Berry Parfaits

  1. >What a treat. These really look lovely. I hope your time upstate will be pleasant. Have a great day. We'll be here when you get back. Blessings…Mary

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