>Cyrus:A Dream come True


As you all know I am in a small culinary program learning to become a Pastry Chef. When I first started in the program I didn’t know anyone and all my friends left for college leaving me behind, a few days into one of my first classes I started to talk to a girl that looked about my age and we hit it off pretty quickly. We started to talk about restaurants and she presented the idea of going to Cyrus a famous restaurant in the area, its right next to the French Laundry in ratings and reviews. At first I thought she was insane because it’s really expensive dining but we talked about it and came to the conclusion it would be a onetime thing and it would be very educational. When I think of the experience I get butterflies in my stomach. Her sister made our reservations and said we were culinary students. So Cyrus made the experience the best for us. We even got to meet the chef and go in the kitchen!P.S. you can click on any of these images to make them larger.<a The top photo was Canapes which is the starter.

This is the simple Peach starter.

Our virgin drinks they brought out for us. The yellow one Had a metal straw with a little fork at the end to pick out the pears.

Some of the bread we picked from a bread basket that a server carried around. Baked fresh twice daily.

Delectable The key to all the dishes is to eat it the way the chef intended it to be eaten so thats just what we did.

I wanted to try it all and well I did. The picture on the left is Foie Gras which is the liver of a duck just knowing what it was and its texture made it rather hard to eat but I ate almost all of it because I didn’t want the chef to see.


So this shows that we really had no self control when the food came because often we started eating before I could take the picture. Also we really liked this bean salad it was one of our favorites. One more thing the black little ball in the picture is black garlic and it’s really sweet and great tasting.

This picture clearl shows how much we enjoyed the second dish. It was succulent and scrumptious and I want it right now.

The cheese cart was like a candy cart for foodies. It had all different kinds of cheeses and smells. We had the guy pick for us. One of the greatest things about Cyrus is that they describe everything and where it come from.

First image is of candy from the candy cart yes there wasn’t just a cheese cart but also a candy cart with candy they make right there. The candy got placed in a little box for each of us to take home. Then there’s the sorbet and there was another dessert but we ate it too fast. Then the little glasses of chocolate milk are carbonated and the little chocolate chip cookies came on a marble stone with a dome over it with a balloon attached. When they let the air out of it chocolate confetti sprayed up in the air. It’s supposed to be for birthdays but since were culinary students they did everything for us.

I feel like the evening was a dream it’s like I went to a concert got a backstage pass, met the lead singer and got his autograph which is exactly what happened and I have been changed into a Foodie for sure. Cyrus is the best experience thus far with eating in my life you should try it. We were there for about 4 hours in all and we did the 8 course tasting menu but there’s also a 5 course tasting menu.


7 thoughts on “>Cyrus:A Dream come True

  1. >i'm so very, very jealous! the awesome things you got to eat and the little things you learned definitely make the experience worth the price of admission!

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