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>Berry Charlotte

This is the one dish I have always heard about and seen in pictures but had never tasted,seen in person. I have always wanted to make one though because it just sounds intriging. So I set out to do it the other day, and they turned out great. I wasn’t really sure I would be able to master it but I did. So you should try it out.Oh and I didn’t have charlotte molds so I used mugs with parchment papers inside.The lady finger recipe is here. So I will post the mousse recipe that goes in between.Also this is in grams I found it online so just weigh the ingriendents.
Blackberry Mousse
100 grams blackberry puree, strained
10 grams sugar
1 sheet of gelatin
100 grams heavy cream, soft peaks

Heat the blackberry puree with the sugar. When it comes to a slight boil, remove from heat. In the meantime, soften the gelatin in ice water for about 3 minutes. Add the bloomed gelatin to the puree. Let it cool until it is about body temperature. If we add the hot puree to the cream, it will deflate.

While the puree cools, whip the cream. When the puree has cooled slightly, add it to the cream and fold gently until you can no longer see any streaks of unmixed cream.

Place the mousse in a pastry bag and pipe about half way up the ring mold with the ladyfingers assembled on the edges. Freeze the charlottes.

Raspberry Mousse

100 grams raspberry puree, strained
10 grams sugar
1 sheet of gelatin
100 grams heavy cream, soft peaks
Proceed as above. Pipe the mousse on top of the frozen blackberry mousse. Place the charlottes in the refrigerator for the mousse to set.
Decorate with fresh berries on top.


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